urgent care

We maintain same-day urgent care appointments to be available when you need us for yourself or your sick child.

A Standard Maintained

When Dallas Family Medicine began over 65 years ago, urgent care was a significant need and became a priority for DFM – we have maintained that standard today offering same-day urgent care appointments to patients for urgent health care needs, including laceration repair and arranging for surgical or emergency room evaluation if necessary.

a CARE – for life. moment – patient Akashia with Kim Lovato, MS, PA-C

quick facts

Getting sick or injured never fits in your schedule, but it is important to our patients that it fits in ours. This is why Dallas Family Medicine maintains same-day appointments for the sudden illness or sprained ankle that surprises you or your family. We also maintain Saturday morning hours that do not require an appointment, as a convenience to our patients.

DFM knows the medical needs of families and that quick access to your family medicine team is important to you, so we make sure it is a priority of ours.

The relationship between the family medicine provider and their patients is unique within the field of medicine. Often, a provider cares for many generations of the same family and sees patients through many life-stages. As a result, the emphasis of care is never just on the cough or cold that brings you in that day, but rather on the big picture of keeping you well, which includes trying to prevent disease, monitoring chronic illness, and arranging appointments with specialists to manage specific conditions.

This philosophy is key to Dallas Family Medicine and the reason we strive to be the first place you turn for your health-care needs.

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