family medicine

Continuing in a tradition established more than 65 years ago, we strive to heal the whole family with care and compassion, from the infant to the elderly.

Family Medicine Services

Dallas Family Medicine's services are extensive and specialized across the lifespan:

Pediatrics is a key part of our practice and a staff favorite - from newborn care, circumcision, and infant immunizations to early childhood wellness exams and the unique needs of adolescents. We also maintain same-day urgent care appointments to be available when you need us for yourself or your sick child.

Adult medicine features wellness exams for men and women which includes utilization of EKG testing, and in partnership with the local hospital, colonoscopy. Between wellness exams we are your healthcare home for managing chronic diseases, helping to minimize risk factors with training on lifestyle modifications, and maintaining prescriptions.

a CARE – for life. moment - patient Olivia with Michelle Pulliam, MA

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The relationship between the family medicine provider and their patients is unique within the field of medicine. Often, a provider cares for many generations of the same family and sees patients through many life-stages. As a result, the emphasis of care is never just on the cough or cold that brings you in that day, but rather on the big picture of keeping you well, which includes trying to prevent disease, monitoring chronic illness, and arranging appointments with specialists to manage specific conditions.

This philosophy is key to Dallas Family Medicine and the reason we strive to be the first place you turn for your health-care needs.

When Dallas Family Medicine began over 65 years ago, urgent care was a significant need and became a priority for DFM. We have maintained that standard today offering same-day urgent care appointments to patients for urgent health care needs including laceration repair and arranging for surgical or emergency room evaluation if necessary.

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