our mission

Dallas Family Medicine is committed to serving our community as providers of healthcare and medical education.

Our History

Dallas Family Medicine, LLC was founded in 1951 by Dr. William Charles and Dr. Leroy Casey. These two men of our “greatest generation” returned from WWII as decorated serviceman and completed their medical training at Oregon Health & Science University. They opened their clinic on Main Street, above John Brown’s Pharmacy, across from the court house. After 32 years of practice, they sought out a new doctor to join them; Dr. Chris Edwardson came in 1983, and they formed a new partnership which has become Dallas Family Medicine, LLC as you see it today.

In 1989, the founding partners died, a few months apart, but their legacy of caring and service continues. Dallas Family Medicine, LLC proudly cares for its community daily, and regularly serves around the world with medical missions that have taken them from Mississippi to Malawi and many points between, including Jamaica, Kenya, and Costa Rica.

a CARE – for life. moment - patient Joah with Dr. Chris Edwardson.