In 2015 we became part of the WVP Medical Group, a positive and beneficial affiliation for DFM patients and families.

The purpose of WVP Medical Group, LLC is to assist with and improve the health of the population we serve.

WVP Medical Group, LLC in partnership with the WVP Health Authority and independent community-based providers, delivers efficient and effective health services across the resource continuum using a team-based, family-centered model of care.

Every person in Marion and Polk Counties has access to primary holistic health care services that improve the patient experience of care and community health while reducing per capita health care costs.

 Financial Stewardship
 Open Access

We are very excited to continue on in the tradition of DFM - Care for Life, while being part of WVP Medical Group.

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Most of us have never seen measles, mumps or small pox, diseases that were devastating to generations. The impact of immunizations on childhood illness is immeasurable, but also very easy to take for granted. There have been years of research invested in immunizations, and the research is ongoing - always re-evaluating, the timing, dosing, interactions and longevity of immunizations. Each year this recommended immunization schedule is reviewed and updated:

CDC Immunization Schedules for Infants and Children in Easy-to-read Formats

DFM offers all immunizations, to all age groups as well as specific immunizations needed for international travel. If you think you or your family may need to get caught up on some shots or if you have travel plans coming up, give us a call.

Flu Facts
The best way to deal with the flu is to prevent it. Get the flu shot! (It will NOT give you the flu - worst myth ever!) Give us a call to check on availability, as it is always changing. If we don’t have any, we may know who does or click here to search: flu shots

Be intentional about hand washing (hand sanitizer counts) and if you get sick, come in quick. Because the flu is a virus, there are only a couple of medications that can be used successfully and those only work in the first couple of days.

Updated flu maps can be found here: flu map